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How does the chat work?

Models have a webcam or video set up in their room or studio, providing live video streaming. Additionally, many models also have an audio option, so they can be viewed and heard at the same time.

Are sessions live?

All video chat have live video, with live chat, you can talk and interact with the model.

How do I talk to the model?

To be able to talk with the models, you will need to be registered on our website. You will find three types of rooms:

  • Free Room. To enter this room it will not be necessary to spend any credit and normally other members can also chat with the model.

  • Group Chat room. In this room only pay users who can request what they want to the model.

  • VIP room (1 to 1). It is the most exclusive room of olecams, in which if the model accepts the user's request, they can go to a completely private room between the model and the user.

How can I leave the chat?

You can end the chat and stop the billing by clicking the 'X' in the chat window.

How can I send gifts to the model?

Whether you are in a Group Chat room or VIP (1 to1), you can send different gifts with different credit values using the gift icon.

How do I activate the vibrator?

Whether you are in a Group Chat room or VIP (1 to 1) you can send different vibration intensities with different credit values using the vibrating icon.

How can I work as a model in Olecams?


How can I buy credits?

Adding credits to your account is very simple. First check that you are logged in and you can buy either from the icon in the form of a money bag that appears on the screen of the chat room or by clicking on the top menu that tells you the number of credits available.

What do I do if a credit purchase fails?

Please contact our customer service department from the or from the support page

How can I see my credit balance?

By entering your private area you will see the credits you have available.

How do I buy photos or videos?

In each model's tab you will find both photos and paid videos, whose value in credits will be indicated in each case. You can access them whenever you want in your private area.


Where is my private area?

You can find your private area by clicking on your username and your private area will be displayed.

How do I add favorites to a model?

You can add the model to your favorites by clicking on the heart icon that will appear in the chat window. You can also access all your bookmarks saved in your account.

How do I delete my account?

You can cancel your account and unsubscribe from your private area in 'Account settings'

What do you do with my data?

Your email address is used as the name when you log in to the site. We also use your address to send your account information, such as your name or password. Your email address is not shown on our site and our models do not know it either. Your email address will not be sold or provided to third parties.

How do I recover my password?



How do I hide the page on my computer?

Most browsers include a private browsing feature that avoids saving the sites you visit in the history. In Google Chrome, it's called "Incognito." Safari and Firefox call it "Private browsing". Internet Explorer calls it "Private Browsing."

In these modes, your browser will not store your history, cookies, saved passwords or other personal information. Before visiting Olecams, enable your browser's private browsing mode. In most browsers, you can go to File -> New private / incognito window to open a new window or tab designed for private browsing.

When you visit Olecams in a private window or tab, features that aim to improve the user experience, such as remembering your access data, selecting the language and other customization options, will not be available. Changes you make while using private browsing will not be saved for future visits.

What happens if my connection is cut off?

If the chat is closed, billing stops. If it is a technical problem on your computer, you can open the browser again and log back into the chat. If the model leaves the chat, you will also be disconnected.

Do I need to install something to watch the chat?


Who do I contact if I need help?

Please contact our customer service department from the or from the support page